E.1. Release 1.2 beta

Release Date: 2014-02-12

This release contains new feature in and a variety of fixes in 1.2.

E.1.1. Migration to Version 1.2 beta

A dump/restore is not required for those running 1.1.X or 1.0.x.

E.1.2. Overview

Postgres-XC is a symmetric (multi-master, read and write-scalable) shared-nothing cluster based on PostgreSQL. This release version is based on PostgreSQL 9.3.

Currently the only architectures supported are 64 bit Linux operating systems.

This release of Postgres-XC is the third major release and contains the following features, characteristics and enhancements.

The above items are explained in more detail in the sections below.

The original overall architecture and design of Postgres-XC is by Koichi Suzuki, Mason Sharp, Pavan Deolasee, Andrei Martsinchyk and Michael Paquier. Koichi Suzuki is the original project lead.

Core member at the time of Version 1.2 released is Koichi Suzuki, Ashutosh Bapat, Ababs Butt, Ahsan Hadi, Masataka Saito, Tetsuo Sakata, Masaki Hisada and Hitoshi Hemmi.

E.1.3. New Features

E.1.4. Improvements

E.1.5. Interface changes

There are no interface changes except for new features.

E.1.6. Fixes

E.1.7. Restrictions

E.1.8. Issues